FrogCare to stroll through the enchanted forest of Narnia or fly a broomstick at Hogwarts? Perhaps you would prefer kissing a frog to release Prince Charming from a wicked spell. Can’t do that without books. Can’t have books without writers. Bummer! To ensure we have a continuous supply of writers and keep those books flowing, the good folks at the Upper Peninsula Publishers and Authors Association have created a short story contest for secondary schools and below. Each school district can nominate a short story from two student authors to represent their school.

MoneyManWhat’s in it for the student author? I am glad you asked. There will be regional bragging rights when your school recognizes the genius of your short story. When your short story grabs first place in the U.P., it'll sure look pretty on your college resume. Not convinced yet? How about two hundred and fifty copies of George Washington. We knew that would get your attention. If for some mysterious reason your short story comes in second there will still be one hundred smilely faces of Washington or fifty for third place.









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